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Creator spotlight | 09

Creator Spotlight: Daryn Medwid (West Blvd Cannabis)

On the 9th episode of the Creator Spotlight Series, we interviewed Daryn Medwid who is the CRO of West Blvd Cannabis. Daryn has a wealth of experience under his belt, from spending 13 years at Diageo to (most recently) exiting Experion Wellness/Citizen Stash as their COO. His passion and perspective for the cannabis industry is inspiring and we are truly honoured to feature him today. 

creator spotlight / 01

Creator Spotlight: DJ Marvel

The purpose of the Creator Spotlight is to showcase some amazing creator’s in various spaces and highlight how cannabis has affected their life. On this Creator Series, we highlight our friend Michael Henry, also known DJ Marvel. 

creator spotlight / 02

Creator Spotlight: Todd Dillon (ROG WORLD)

On this Creator Spotlight, we showcase a legacy brand builder that has been representing some of the highest quality chronic for over 15 years. 

creator spotlight / 03

Creator Spotlight: Cameo Wilson (Dark Star)

For this Creator Spotlight we get to sit down and chop it up with local pro skateboarder Cameo Wilson. He’s been an avid cannabis advocate for a long time and speaks on how the plant has positively helped him throughout his life.

creator spotlight / 04

Creator Spotlight: Andrew Gordon (BC Craft Co-Op)

On the 4th edition of our Creator Spotlight Series, we have the privilege to sit down with local cannabis pioneer Andrew Gordon. Andrew’s been deep in the cannabis trenches since 2014, paving the way for legalization and building a strong community along the way. 

creator spotlight / 05

Creator Spotlight: Kayla Mann (Cake & Caviar)

On this episode of the Creator Spotlight Series, we’re excited to break bread with the lovely Kayla Mann from Cake & Caviar / Habitat Life. She’s been working behind the scenes with some of the industries’ best cannabis companies, making a positive impact on any project she’s involved with.

creator spotlight / 06

Creator Spotlight: Christina Michael (The Entourage Co.)

On the 6th episode of the Creator Spotlight Series, we’ve had the opportunity to connect with another pioneer in the Cannabis space. Christina Michael, Founder and CEO of The Entourage Co.  has been shaking the industry up since the early days.

creator spotlight / 07

Creator Spotlight: Alannah Davis (Dabble Cannabis Co.)

 Alannah Davis is the boss lady at Dabble Cannabis Co.  She’s worked with one of the biggest Licensed Producers in Canada for years before jumping on to be CEO of her family’s farm. Her story and resilience is highly commendable and it was an honour to get to know her story more.

creator spotlight / 08

Creator Spotlight: Tom Smale (Growbox Consulting)

Tom Smale is the CEO and Founder of Growbox Consulting.  He’s been extremely passionate about cannabis all his life and have been behind some of the best cannabis brands in the market today. 

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