Creator Spotlight: Alannah Davis, CEO of Dabble Cannabis Co.

On the 7th episode of the Creator Spotlight Series, we interviewed Alannah Davis who is the boss lady at Dabble Cannabis Co.  She’s worked with one of the biggest Licensed Producers in Canada for years before jumping on to be CEO of her family’s farm. Her story and resilience is highly commendable and it was an honour to get to know her story more. Enjoy!

Introduce yourself and what do you do?

My name is Alannah Davis, I am the CEO of Dabble Cannabis Co. my family cannabis farm in Duncan BC – which also has a cannaB&B, private lake and soon a farm store. I have a background in hospitality, banking, supply chain and operations and that combined with a love affair with concentrates, puts me in an incredible position to create the ultimate cannabis paradise at our farm.  

Can you share any turning points in your career or particular moments of success?
The best advice I ever received was if there isn’t a job posting for you, design one that fills some gaps and ask them to create it for you. I have had success in creating 3-4 brand new roles in my career. Launching Dabble and packaging our first jars up was such an incredible moment, but I am *this close* to seeing my product in stores, which will be a huge accomplishment, years in the making. 
Describe your cannabis use in 3 words.

Dabs all day!

Describe the impact Cannabis has had on your life?

For years I tried to figure out what my passion was, and found myself bored of every job I tried. I had always loved smoking, but it was a pivotal moment when I had my first dab and everything began to fall into place. I began what is sure to be a lifelong learning journey about cannabis and specifically concentrates. I learned everything I could about the industry and products and now have the opportunity to apply everything I learned to my own brand. Cannabis is my life’s passion and work, and I can’t wait to see where it goes from here. 

Where and when were you introduced to cannabis for the first time?

As a teenager, in my friend’s mom’s kitchen – wrecking her knives, trying out hash. I didn’t realize it til much later, but my love of concentrates started there! 

“I had always loved smoking, but it was a pivotal moment when I had my first dab and everything began to fall into place.”

What’s your favourite post-smoke activity? Workout? Food?

The best activity is being in the sunshine and being on the boat on the lake, boating and swimming. In the winter, I love a good bath with some pie or other treat. 

If you could sesh with one person dead or alive, who would it be?

The legendary Frenchy Cannoli – master hashishin. 

What music do you vibe to when using Cannabis?
Depends on the occasion, I sometimes like more mellow stuff, but also love to sesh at my DJ friends house cause they always throw down some beats that you can’t help but dance to. (shout out DJ Awood @awood55 if you like)

“Dabs of live hash rosin – it is the ultimate experience.”

What are your favourite ways to consume cannabis (joints, vapes, edibles, beverages etc.) and why?

Dabs of live hash rosin – it is the ultimate experience. Flavourful, super clear head, and a strong full spectrum effect. Why – because consuming distillate or isolated THC, just doesn’t do it justice without the terpenes which give you that beautiful full-mind body experience. I also do like beverages, as they have given me an alternative to alcoholic beverages so they’re fun too. 

Is there anything interesting that you’d like to share with the Choklit Park community? (feel free to share any important projects or exciting news you’d like our community to know!)
We are extremely close to bringing our very own live hash rosin; Dabbleberry, to market soon. Cultivated, harvested, washed, pressed and packaged all by my family and I – from soil to oil. We will be launching in BC very soon, and it helps us to have retailers and customers request our product from BCLDB. 
Check out our farm / @hipointguestranch and / @dabblecannabisco 
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